Unique Properties in Sălciua Romania

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Unique Properties
for sale in Sălciua 

By Alexandra Bartha


Sălciua (Hungarian: Szolcsva; German: Sundorf) is a commune located in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania. It is composed of six villages: Dealu Caselor (Hegyik), Dumești, Sălciua de Jos (the commune center; Alsószolcsva), Sălciua de Sus (Felsőszolcsva), Sub Piatră (Búvópatak), and Valea Largă (Malompataka). It has a population of 1,271 as of 2021.


In 1925, a few Romanian families were relocated in Banat, where they founded Sălciua Nouă village (the New Sălciua), now part of Pișchia commune, in Timiș County.
“Sfânta Cuvioasă Parascheva” wooden church (1798), in Sub Piatră village.
“Sfânta Treime” and “Sfântul Ilie” wooden churches (1782), in Valea Largă village.
Huda lui Păpară cave.
Poarta Zmeilor (Gate of Dragons) cave, in Sub Piatră village.
Vânătările Ponorului natural reservation, in Dumești village.
Scărița–Șesul Craiului natural reservation.
Detunatele” (the Roar) geological reservation.


The commune is located the ethnogeographical region of Țara Moților, in the middle of the Apuseni Mountains. It is situated in the north of Alba County, 100 km (62 mi) from the county seat, Alba Iulia, and 15 km (9.3 mi) from Baia de Arieș, the nearest town, close to the national road DN75 [ro] joining Câmpeni to Turda.
Lying on the banks of the Arieș River and its tributary, the Sălciuța, in between the Trascău Mountains and Muntele Mare [ro], Sălciua has a specific mountain landscape developed on limestone and crystalline schists. The altitude of the surrounding mountains varies between 700 and 1,400 m (2,300 and 4,600 ft). The big Arieș meadow offers favorable conditions for agriculture, the large crop fields leading to the area being named the “Bărăgan of the Apuseni Mountains”.
The great variety of karst topography, with its spectacular flora and fauna and climatic characteristics make it a big tourist attraction. The village also has historic wooden churches.


The total range of plots consists of 5 plots of 1000m² (770m² after authority reservations).

The properties are provided with plot numbers and are therefore extremely suitable for subdivision and construction of a typical traditional Cabană.

A Cabană is a typical authentic Romanian Cottage common to build in areas like Sălciua.


All lots belong to a Romanian holding company that belongs to a Dutch entrepreneur, this entrepreneur is open to proposals and parts or shares can also be sold in consultation.

The plots can be purchased without and with a newly built and completely finished Cabană.


Arieș.. Your waterway in the backyard..



– Sălciua, Alba County | Transylvania, Romania
– Plot number 70121
– Plot number 70124
– Plot number 70125
– Plot number 70126
– Plot number 70129


– Category | Teren Extravilan
– Area | 5000 m²
– Total amount of plots | 5 plots
– Plot size | 770 m² each
– Permit | 5 times a Cabană of 70m² 


– Main use | Building plot
– Alternative use(s) | Commercial property
– Opportunity for development | Commercial property
– Construction | Maximum and only 5 cabane of 70m² 


– Price | On request per plot or with Cabană 
– Plot 70125 | Property under option
– Status | Available
– Acceptance | Available in consultation

Unique and Exclusive Opportunities

The unique thing about these locations is that no permits have been or may be issued after 2012, which means that an exclusive right has been acquired and the area and the plots on offer have acquired enormous value, both financially and in terms of natural beauty.

New development

Because all necessary exclusive permits are available for all plots, development of new projects can start immediately.


The destination of the building plots is stated as ‘Teren Extravilan’.


Grid energy is provided by the local electric energy company.


All plots have their own private entrance from the main road.


Fresh water comes from the local water source, you can’t get more pure than this.

Health, Well-being and Wellness

In terms of well-being and wellness, these locations are ideally suited to promote health through clean nature, fresh air and breathtaking views, as well as to relax and escape from daily stress in a harmonious, serene environment.

Life is about moments

Life is precious and it’s all about moments, moments with your partner, your loved ones or moments just for yourself. 

The beauty and purity of the Transylvanian part of Romania makes us able to come back to pure life and what real matters, it brings calmness and real moments of being able to relax to the fullest.


Wonderful place to relax in nature and natural enviroments.


Saunas, hot tubs, steam baths, a swimming pool; options are abound.


A unique location for holidays and experiences.


A very good environment for health, both physically and mentally; to recover or prevent.


No permits have been or may be issued after 2012, which means that an exclusive right has been acquired for all offered plots.

More information

Poteca tematică Pietrele Vorbitoare (Trail theme “Talking Stones”) is close to hike and the Arieș river is at your new backyard.


Cascada Șipote (Șipote Waterfall, also known as the Şipote Travertine Waterfall), is a waterfall in the Trascău Mountains and is visible from all plots. 

NATURE AT ITS PUREST? It can be yours!


Cadastral Data 


Click on the link for the exact location:
 46.406321, 23.360275


From left to right lot numbers:
70125, 70129, 70121, 70126, 70124


517648 Sălciua de Jos
Located in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania


Points of Interest

Closeby and in the near area are different Points of Interest (POI), a few shown below

Ghețarul de sub Zgurăști

The glacier under Zgurăști, also known as Peștera-aven. The glacier under Zgurăști houses the largest underground lake in Romania.

In this cave, an interesting meteorological phenomenon was reported by R. Jeannel and E. G. Racovita (1929), the formation of fog in the beam of light rays that penetrate the mouth of the cave at lunch time. It is assumed that it is a process of condensation of water around the forming ions, i.e. a process analogous to that in Wilson chambers. Another interesting element is the presence of muscles on the gym floor. It is about Thamnium alopecurum L. and Oxyrrhynchium praelongum (Hedw.), forms that grow under water and which indicate the maximum growth level of the lake.

Peștera Poarta Zmeilor

Poarta Zmeilor Cave is a fossil cave located in the northwest of the Trascău Mountains. Near it is a natural stone portal.

Peștera Huda lui Papară

The Huda lui Papară cave is the cave in the Trascău Mountains that accumulates all the superlatives: the longest, the most uneven, the most difficult, the largest hall, with the highest gallery, with the longest underground course, with the highest flow, with the largest waterfall, with the largest bat colony in Europe, with the longest and most numerous eccentricities, with the largest chiropterite deposit in Romania

In the area

Besides Points of Interest there are in the nearby area different places to visit, things to do, touristic attractions, nature & wildlife areas, tours, day trips etc.

As impressions of the area; Aiud Citadel, Cheile Râmețului, Courvin Castle, Deva Fortress, Civilization Museum, Coltesti Castle Ruins, Berkesi Szoros, Cheile Turzii.

Cluj International Airport
Sălciua de Jos 517648

Future? Is in your hands..